"I’ve been hunting for 25 years and man do I have some stories to tell around a camp fire. My dad accidentally shot his uncle while rabbit hunting when he was 9 years old, so he made sure my brothers and I knew as much as possible before we were able to carry a loaded gun. I started out with groundhog hunting, then to squirrel and eventually to rabbit hunting. But, I found my passion when I picked up a bow for the first time. Now 97% of the hunting I do is with a bow in my hand.

Over the years I’ve been very lucky to get permission to hunt on some prime deer ground, but when I met up with my old high school friend, Dr. Matt Pamer, and he told me where he lived, I got very excited. Right away, I remembered a local deer legend who I worked with who had shot a 180 inch brute on Dr. matt’s property years ago. And the icing on the cake is that now the place is surrounded by some of the most lush, well-managed alfalfa fields in the state of Ohio!

My idea of a successful hunt is any hunt where I have the opportunity to fill my tag. I am, and I always will be a meat hunter first. I have two little mouths to feed and I just love venison! My two girls cut their teeth on deer jerky, and on October 26, 2014 my six year old shot her first deer with a crossbow. Now when we cook up some venison she always asks, “is this my deer, Daddy”? The answer is always yes and the grin on her face says it all. We all want to shoot a giant, but the truth of the matter is seeing big bucks and shooting big bucks are two very different things. Sometimes, just getting a monster in your round house and him not knowing your there is the most success some people have.

I believe we can make this happen for our clients by offering very low pressured stand sites on some of the county’s best ground. O.G.O. believes it takes year round dedication and ensures all our rules are followed strictly to allow for the best hunts available in Ohio.
Being an avid bow hunter, I am a scent control freak! I personally spend hundreds of dollars a year to keep my human scent to the bare minimum. All my stand sites are placed off of wind direction and don’t be surprised if you get an extra hose down before I leave you in your stand. It’s not just for you, but also for the person who will be in that stand in another three weeks. Deer will only put up with human odor for so long before they go nocturnal at that stand site.

At O.G.O. we offer special reduced price youth hunts that will give a youngster an opportunity to spend some quality time with a loved one in the woods. The youth hunter can take any deer of choice and can also choose to have the hunt videoed for a small fee. O.G.O. takes pride in educating our youth and we will do whatever it takes to make a child’s dream come true.

O.G.O. would love to answer any questions that you might have and share some of the things that work well for us. I feel strongly that God is opening doors for us to meet and make new friends, to share our passion of the outdoors and hunting and ultimately to share our love for Christ. I understand that life doesn’t always happen the way you want it to, but I believe when life offers you a chance at something, you are a fool if you do not take that chance.


 - Andy Kehl Master Guide O.G.O

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