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Scheduling 2020 Turkey Hunts & 2019/2020 White Tail Deer Hunts


Our Location

Richland County, OH

Ohio is recognized by hunters around the world as one of the great whitetail producing trophy hunting opportunities. O.G.O. and its’ guide team are dedicated to keeping the guests numbers low to keep deer travel patterns stable. Very low pressure hunting and selective limited number of guests is what separates us and makes us different than other outfitters. We know our hunting areas and travel patterns and we will do all we can to help you harvest a mature trophy whitetail deer. Our hunting area is covered with rich alfalfa, soy beans, and corn fields with thick brush for bedding.

Hunting trips are conducted in an ATSF approved stand with safety harnesses and are all strategically placed on the previously traveled patterns.

Storyside Location

Hunting Guide Mansfield OH Ohio Guide Outfitters

Ohio Guide Outfitters
Mansfield, OH 44904
(419) 886-2107

“offering very low pressured stand sites on some of the county’s best ground. O.G.O. believes it takes year round dedication and ensures all our rules are followed strictly to allow for the best hunts available in Ohio.”

- Andy Kehl Master Guide O.G.O

Mansfield, OH 44904

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