whitetail once in a lifetime hunting
whitetail once in a lifetime hunting
whitetail once in a lifetime hunting

Limited Hunts Available
High Shot Opportunities On Whitetail And Turkey.

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The only deer species found in Ohio, is the white-tailed deer.  Studies have revealed the number of white-tailed deer has drastically increased over the last twenty years and that they are easily found in selected places in Ohio. We are one of the Premier Guided Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters in Ohio. Let us start off by looking at some reasons why guided hunting is better than unsupervised hunting:

  • Experienced guides know specific location where the whitetail deer are likely to be found.
  • Guided whitetail deer hunts are quite adventurous as it is a combination of multiple activities. They range from preparing home-style meals, accommodations and transportation services among others.
  • Unsupervised hunting can be frustrating and challenging if a person doesn’t know what to hunt.

Are you tired of hunting on overcrowded public lands? If yes, we are what you have been looking for. Our team will give you a hunting experience to the point you will be eager to call us for your next hunting adventure. We have different hunting packages that our clients can choose from. There are two main whitetail deer a person can hunt, namely plains whitetails and mountain whitetails. Our guided whitetail deer hunts are open to anyone with a hunting license.

We have continued to acquire new private hunting land year after year, which allows us to be selective and to keep our shot opportunities high! This is a continual labor of love and the deer habitats are maintained year-round to help them thrive. Many of our hunting groups are returning customers, so we encourage you to book early to see if we have availability, especially during gun season dates.

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