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Scheduling 2020 Turkey Hunts & 2019/2020 White Tail Deer Hunts


Hunts Offered & Contract Pricing

We Do Year Round Trophy Management; Fees Should Be Doubled 🙂

October 15th - December 15th, Pre-Rut, Rut, & Post-Rut, Only 1 Animal Will Be Taken to Keep Patterns the Same


Youth Bow Whitetail Deer, 1 Buck or 1 Doe

  • 5 days: $1800 | $1500

Youth Gun Season, 1 Buck or 1 Doe

  • 2 days: $1300 | $1100

Adult Archery Whitetail Deer, 1 Buck or 1 Doe

  • 5 days: $2400 | $1800

Muzzle Loader Whitetail Deer, 1 Buck or 1 Doe

  • 4 days: $2400 | $1900

Rifle Whitetail Deer, 1 Buck or 1 Doe

  • 5 days: $2400 | $2200


  • 3 days: $750
  • 5 days: $1000
  • Fall Turkey Add-on: $500
  • Spring Self-Guided for 5 days: $750
  • Spring Self-Guided for 3 days: $500
  • 10% off second hunter and family. 7.25% sales tax applies.
  • License & Tags not included.

Late Season, 1 Buck & 1 Doe

  • January Hunts, 5 Days: $1600
  • High success rate due to hunting over food plots and feeding areas.

Exclusive Trophy Hunting Wagner Area Hunt, 1 Buck or 1 Doe

  • 5 days: $2,750
  • 2 spots available

Adult/Youth Hunting Opportunity:

  • O.G.O. LLC recognizes the need to keep our youth involved in this great sport of the outdoors. To encourage future generations, the O.G.O. offers full Adult/Youth Hunt Packages to adults with children under the age of 18 with approved H.S.C.

We also donate 1 hunt per year to SCI First for Hunters

Rates and Payments

  • Contact us for prices with Visa/MasterCard
  • 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. The rest of the balance is due 30 days prior to hunt date
  • We accept personal and corporate checks for deposit and final payment as long as the payments are made 90 days prior to hunt date
  • All payments must be in U.S. currency
  • Any on site payments should be made by cash or certified check
  • Any additional special tags should be purchased ahead of time
  • Choice of hunt dates will be in order of deposits received

Cancellation Policy Deposit is non-refundable unless a replacement hunter is supplied to fill the date. OGO strongly advises hunters purchase cancellation insurance on their flights.

Observers There is no charge for observers. We do have stands and blinds that will accommodate your non-hunting companion, but scent and visual control is part of our strategy to help harvest large mature bucks. Clothing and scent coverage is a must if you are bringing a non-hunter. There are many other activities to do during early-mid-late season.

  • Mohican State Forest
  • Mountain Biking
  • SnowTrails
Hunting Guide Mansfield OH Ohio Guide Outfitters

Ohio Guide Outfitters
Mansfield, OH 44904
(419) 886-2107

“offering very low pressured stand sites on some of the county’s best ground. O.G.O. believes it takes year round dedication and ensures all our rules are followed strictly to allow for the best hunts available in Ohio.”

- Andy Kehl Master Guide O.G.O

Mansfield, OH 44904

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