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3 Tips from a Mansfield Hunter

Hunting Guide Mansfield OH father and son with deer

1.) Good scouting and field work are essential to a successful hunting season! All scouting and field work should be done before the season begins.

2.) Be patient! You may need to stay in a stand for hours before any good opportunities present themselves. Be willing to put in that time and preparation for a successful hunt!

3.) Know the type of clothing you are hunting in and the use of your firearm or bow. Know that your clothing is compatible with your hunting equipment ensuring you will be comfortable, prepared and protected.

Hunting Guide Mansfield OH Ohio Guide Outfitters

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“offering very low pressured stand sites on some of the county’s best ground. O.G.O. believes it takes year round dedication and ensures all our rules are followed strictly to allow for the best hunts available in Ohio.”

- Andy Kehl Master Guide O.G.O

Mansfield, OH 44904